Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Barefoot & pregnant in the kitchen

I don’t know if the big man up there has a sense of humour, but before I fell pregnant earlier this year, I was always one of those women who regarded phrases like “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” and “cooking is a women’s job” as sexist. I hence always stood up for women’s rights and luckily my guy friends, embraced my way of thinking only really challenging me when the sexist comments were in reverse.
Then I fell pregnant. My first trimester was mostly during the summer months and in between bouts of nausea and vomiting the only thing that really brought relief and comfort was being able to stand in the kitchen barefoot! Cooking was never really a priority since I couldn’t really keep anything down – note to future moms – morning sickness can last the whole day – so be aware! But then when your husband starts looking at you as if he is going to pass out – cooking needed to start becoming part of my daily routine again.
I look back on that first trimester now and realise the cold tiled floor of the kitchen and my husband were two things that really got me through those days. I understand now why they say “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” and it really has nothing to do with cooking for your man!